Active Again Here (and elsewhere)

I’ve recently decided to become active again in this area, maily by hosting online discussions under the auspicies of Meetup dot com. The name of my Meetup group is Raised Catholic Philosophy Meetup Group. You can sign up to join the group at the following link. Joining the group will mean only that you’ll receive event announcements and perhaps an occasional message from me. Even if you are mostly or entirely inactive, having more members helps me gain credibility as a Meetup organizer, so please do join if you are at all interested.

If you wish to check it out, visit

What we’re about

For people who were Raised Catholic and now have largely moved-on beyond organized religion, yet retain some degree of Catholic self-identity. Philosophically, what, if anything, has replaced your former Catholic beliefs? My own particular interest is meaning. Open-minded, independent-thinking, freethinking, “cafeteria” believers who are interested in philosophical discourse welcome. NOT A PLACE FOR MISSIONARIES OR APOLOGISTS. Will meet on Zoom, etc., not in person. This is an exploratory group, not yet clearly defined. suggestions welcome.

Meetup is a website and app for organizing, finding and attending gatherings.  It’s free to use as a participant.  Events are announced and managed online.  If you’ve never checked out Meetup, it might be worth taking a look to find online or local in-person activities of interest.


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